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What should be my daily skin routine in my 40s


Ladies, have you kept your daily skincare routine consistent since your early years? If yes, then it is time to change that. With changing years, the physiology of your skin structure undergoes changes substantially and so your skin needs different care at different stages of life. The normal cleansing and moisturization will not be enough as the days pass by, your skin will need something more nourishing as the signs of aging start to appear on your skin.

As you age, the normal functioning of your skin to restore itself will start slowing down and deteriorating. Which means that by your mid-40s, prominent fine lines and wrinkles will start showing on your face. The process generally starts happening during your 30s (earlier if you haven’t been taking proper care of your skin) but the visible difference will be felt much later, somewhere around your late-30s to early-40s.

So, if you have already started to see these signs of skin aging, then what should you do? What should be your plan of action? Here we have discussed what should be your ideal daily skincare routine during your 40s.

Skincare Routine Changes

For almost everyone In their 40s, their main concern ought to be reduction and prevention of the further appearance of signs of skin aging. And so the regular skin creams and other skincare products will not suffice. You need to upgrade your products and get a complete anti-aging skincare routine in place.

Use Anti-Aging Face Cream

A face cream works as a moisturizer for your skin. The anti-aging face cream is also a moisturizer but with ingredients that are proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. If those ingredients are nature-based then it is a plus. Nature-based ingredients heal and protect your skin from the inside and keep it healthy for longer.

We recommend using Ageless Bee Venom face cream, it contains Bee venom which is a compound rich in melittin. Melittin is a peptide with 26 amino acids that can repair and boost the collagen production process in our skin to make it firm and smooth. The Next-generation Vitamin C derivative protects your skin from the sun and Manuka honey reduces and soothes inflammation.

Your skin will look moisturized, softer, brighter and more youthful with regular use of moisturizing anti-aging face cream.

Use Anti-Aging Face Mask

Using a face mask is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your face after a long day at work. But in your 40s, choose a face mask that will give you anti-aging benefits as well. Use an anti-aging face mask to deeply nourish and purify your skin for healthier and energetic skin.

We love the Ageless Bee Venom face mask, it is nourishing, soothing, skin firming and rejuvenating. It has Manuka honey with UMF 24+ that deeply heals your skin and protects your skin from inflammation, dryness, and skin aging issues like dark spots, pigmentation, and saggy skin. Bee venom tightens your skin and hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E moisturizes your skin.

15-20 minutes of face mask every day will keep your face looking young and energetic removing the signs of dullness and age spots.

Use Anti-Aging Face Serum

Throughout the day, your skin comes into contact with the UV rays, pollution particles, free radicals and other factors that can potentially speed up the aging process of your skin.

But that isn’t the case during the night, you are in your house, there is no sun to bring hindrance in the restoration process of your skin and body which actively regenerates dead cells to fill the void.

In your 40s, this process has already slowed down, and with the factors like lack of sleep and unhealthy diet habits, your skin does not get enough time or nutrition to keep on replenishing the old skin cells with new ones.

A night serum is what you should use to speed up the process of cell regeneration in your skin. Night serums are formulated with smaller molecules as compared to face cream, which makes it easier to penetrate deeper within your skin layers and repair your skin from the inside.

Our personal favorite is the Ageless Bee Venom face serum, its smaller molecules bring powerful ingredients such as the Bee venom, Manuka honey and Manuka oil deep into the skin layers. It speeds up the nightly healing process of your skin and protects it further damage.

Wake up fresh and relaxed every morning with youthful and glowing skin by using anti-aging night serum every night.

Use Anti-Aging Face Cleanser

Washing your face every time you come back home from the outside is important to remove the dirt, germs, and grime from your face. Thoroughly cleaning it at least thrice a day is just as important. But, harsh face cleanser can stripe the necessary moisture off your face, making it look dry and rough.

Look for a face cleanser that makes your skin clean, retains skin moisture and restores your youth like the Ageless White Willow Bark Cleanser. Its White willow bark gently exfoliates your skin and cleans skin pores, Aloe vera keeps your skin hydrated and fresh, and Manuka honey protects from skin inflammation and heals your skin to reduce wrinkles, age spots and other signs of skin aging.

A fresh and clean skin will be able to absorb the nourishment and anti-aging properties of other skincare products rapidly giving you faster results.

Dietary Changes

When we reach the 40s, The aging signs have already started to show themselves on our face, which means only topical skincare will not suffice. To win this fight against aging, you need to take its best care from all fronts and that includes your diet and your lifestyle.

Yes, what you eat has a great impact on how you look. The food choices you make daily decide how you would look later, healthy food would mean healthier skin and junk food would mean problematic skin.

So make sure that you eat a lot of antioxidant-rich foods like oranges, green tea, berries, etc. These foods will fight against the attack of free radicals from the inside and protect your skin from the damage they inflict on your skin.

Other nutrients that you need to include in your daily diet are a spectrum of Vitamins. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are very important for our body and skin. Vitamin C, especially, protects your skin from the sun, brightens it and increases collagen synthesis.

Increase the intake of foods loaded with vitamins like citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, etc. But even with the healthiest of foods, most of the time, our body does not get nutrients as much as needed to keep it healthy and that is when you should try combining your diet with nutritional supplements which will fill in the lack of nutrition in your body.

For better skin and body health, our recommendation is Ageless Rejuvenating Nutritional Supplement, it contains Vitamin C which keeps your skin healthy and Glutathione which reduces oxidative stress, increases insulin resistance and improves mobility in older individuals.

Lifestyle Changes

Like we said earlier, for a long-lasting youthful skin, it is important to take holistic care of it. That includes the right topical anti-aging skincare routine, healthy dietary practices, and good lifestyle habits.

The best way to keep yourself healthy is to exercise. Go out for a jog, practice yoga and all this will have a positive impact on your skin as well. Exercising daily helps in building muscle mass which further tightens your skin to make you look younger. It also reduces stress, which can be a causal factor of rapid aging.

Practice Face Yoga

Practicing face yoga daily has a similar effect on the facial muscles as yoga has on our body muscles. The concept is to stretch your facial muscles to relieve tension. Tight muscles make your face skin look stiff and dull. Face yoga helps in relaxing them and firms your facial skin. Your skin looks brighter, younger and smoother every day.

Massage your face

To further relax your face, try face massaging with a cold jade stone roller. It glides easily on your face and soothes it to decrease the puffiness and makes it look well-rested. It gently massages your face and drains out the fluid from the lymph nodes making your face look less bloated. Your face will look more sculpted and relaxed than ever.

Other lifestyle changes include drinking enough water to stay hydrated, sleeping for about 7-9 hours daily to increase the repair time of your skin and decrease the intake of food with a high glycemic index like junk food, carbonated and sweetened drinks, and food with excess sugar.


When you enter your early forties, your skin starts to need more attention and care than ever. Aging signs start to show up, your skin repair process slows down and stress levels increase leading to a lack of sleep and improper nutrition consumption. All these factors add to the already aging skin.

With a little determination and the help of a good topical anti-aging skincare routine, it is easier to fight the signs of skin aging effectively and rapidly. Follow this routine and tell us your experience.

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