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How to use Bee Venom for effective anti-aging?

As human beings, we are all bound to grow old with every passing day. But some of us grow old more gracefully and elegantly while others seem to struggle. What if say that there is a way to end that struggle and grow graceful and elegant? What we mean is, with a little care and caution, we can all age gracefully, without the unsightly wrinkles and saggy skin.

The most natural compound which can give us that is Bee Venom. The pain-inducing compound which causes pain whenever we are stung by bees. Now, we know that getting stung by a honeybee for a firm youthful skin is not an option. So then, how else can we use Bee Venom in a way that it works its charm without harming us?

But before that, let’s check out what is it in Bee Venom that makes our skin firm and how.

How is Bee Venom Useful

Bee Venom is a toxic substance that the Bee secretes out of its stinger to protect itself from potential threats. Despite it being toxic, Bee Venom has properties that can reduce the signs of skin aging in humans.

Bee Venom contains a peptide called melittin which is made of 26 amino acids. Here it is important to know that our skin is made of collagen and elastin which are protein fibers made up of peptide bonds similar to that of melittin. So using Bee Venom in a way that can help the melittin penetrate the skin and combine with collagen to strengthen the base structure of our skin can substantially decrease visible fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.

It also contains Hyaluronidase, a substance that can dilate the blood capillaries to increase blood flow. This will ultimately increase the transport of nutrients through the bloodstream which will make our skin tone more even and healthy.

So then, how do we use Bee Venom to get all its benefits for our skin?

How to use Bee Venom for effective anti-aging

Considering all the benefits that Bee Venom has in store for our skin, it is still venom, a toxic substance that can harm our skin without proper procedure. But there are two ways to use Bee Venom, one for its therapeutic properties and other for anti-aging.

For therapeutic benefits, Bee venom is either injected or directly stung to the person’s body. While this may sound painful, it does help patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease or old pain. Although, this Bee Venom Therapy cannot be used for skin anti-aging. And so we move on to the other way Bee Venom can be used. This is how it is usually used to get its benefits for anti-aging.

Bee Venom in topical products

Bee venom is processed to nullify its toxic properties before using it in any topical skincare products. The compound is gathered from the bee venom extractor. It is important to know here that honeybees aren’t harmed in this process of Bee Venom extraction.

The Bee Venom is in a powdery form when it is scraped off of the glass plate on the extractor. It is then used for making any topical anti-aging skin care products like face cream, face mask, and face serum.

The most effective bee venom comes from the Georgian Grey Bees which extract nectar only from flowers, unlike other bees that collect nectar from fruits and trunks. The Bee Venom extraction process in Georgia takes place at midnight when the bees’ stomach is empty so that the venom we get is purest and most potent. Such Bee Venom contains the highest percentage of melittin as compared to other Bee Venoms.

Bee Venom, along with other ingredients make up an extremely effective anti-aging skincare product range. The Bee Elite Essentials Ageless Series is also made using Bee Venom as its primary ingredient along with Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil. The Ageless Bee Venom Face Cream, Face Mask and Face Serum all contain Bee Venom in it.

So to gain all the benefits that Bee Venom can give your skin, all you need to do is use topical skin care products that have Bee Venom as an active ingredient.

How does Bee Venom benefit in skin anti-aging

Now that we know how we can use Bee Venom on our skin, it makes sense to know how it will affect and benefit our skin.

As mentioned earlier, Bee Venom contains melittin which is a protein peptide with 26 amino acids. When we apply a face cream, mask or serum made using Bee Venom, it penetrates your skin and reaches the structural level of the skin where the melittin peptides work to repair the damage that occurred to the collagen. Collagen is responsible to keep our skin firm and smooth. So, repaired collagen means lesser visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. The hyaluronidase present in the Bee Venom dilates the blood capillaries which in turn increases the blood flow in the dermal tissues revitalizing them and making your skin look rosy, soft and plump.


Bee venom is considered the ‘Nature’s answer to Botox’. While using Bee venom on your own can be quite painful (considering you are getting it directly and in a painful way from the bees), you can still use it through formulation-based topical products like face cream, face mask and face serum.

Also known as apitoxin, Bee Venom helps in visibly reducing the number of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging from your face. What’s more, it has therapeutic properties and can help in relieving tensed muscles.

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