FAQs related to BRAND

Our company is based in Bethesda, Maryland. We are using more than 35 ingredients in our different products. We source the ingredients from different parts of the world after testing multiple samples, from which we have selected the best one, because ingredients from different parts have different potency and efficacy. For instance, we are using Certified Monofloral Manuka Honey with UMF 24+  from New Zealand, and best Beeswax from remote foothills in Himalayas.  Plus we source potent wild herbs such as Gotu Kola and many others which have the highest benefits as per our findings.

We have found that these herbs are potent when used as fast as possible in formulations. So we have selected among the best GMP certified manufacturing facility in India. We are making it in small batches to keep the potency and quality high. These are shipped by out premier Shipping Partner DHL, reaching our esteemed customers as early as 3 days.

Bee Elite Essentials is and always will be 100% formulated in USA. 

Note: Due to COVID19 situation, the shipping times may vary depending on your location.

All Bee Elite essential Topical Care products are paraben-preservative free, containing no harmful chemicals and only all natural derived & science backed active ingredients.

Bee Elite Essentials does not harm a single bee! Collecting the bee venom does not contribute to colony collapse disorders or Hive loss. Also a fun fact is that bees stimulated for their venom have been found to yield more honey than bee’s who have not been stimulated. Our ecosystem wouldn’t survive if we didn’t take absolute care for our bees. Bee Elite Essentials product range is ethically and sustainably produced.

Our Beekeeper community based out of Georgia have created a device for venom extraction that doesn’t kill the bees. The device consists of a glass sheet placed on the bottom of the beehive. The glass sheet conducts a gentle current and when the current is turned on, bees that are on the sheet release venom without their stinger being damaged. The venom falls on the glass where it is collected and purified for storage, and freeze-dried to ensure that the venom’s bioactive materials are not degraded.

The uniqueness of our bee venom powder is derived from three reasons. First, our bees feed on the absolutely unique flora of Georgia. Second, our bees are a unique race of Caucasian (Georgian) Grey Bee, which has the longest among the honey bees proboscis (7.2 – 7.3 mm). And third, we have our own unique method of harvesting bee venom at midnight only! Day time bees are busy with their work on various floras. All day long they are processing food in their stomach, and if during that time period one tries to harvest venom from them, bees immediately vomit and pollute venom. Such venom is always of very low quality, in spite of its white color. Besides, during the daytime the bees staying in the hives are mostly the small, young bees, and their venom is too weak, with a very low activity and low quality. So, during the daytime the bees in the hives either have a full stomach or are young weak bees, and venom is not valuable from any of them, at all! That’s why we harvest bee venom after midnight! During this period a bee’s stomach is empty; they are calm and rested, and their venom is strong, with a high activity. So, during harvest we harm neither them, nor their venom.

Medicinal grade New Zeland manuka honey UMF 24+ is really one of nature’s most pure and natural all round great skin rejuvenating actives. It is compatible with every skin type and almost every other skin care ingredient. Its a staple part of our formulation process due to it containing 1122 MGO meant 4x the anti-microbial properties than any other honey in the world. It really is an all round player that will fight for your skin. The Georgian bee venom we use is one of natures only all natural solutions for stimulating your skin’s own collagen reproduction which is such an important factor for those looking to maintain a youthful skin complexion. Collagen is the main building block for healthy skin and unfortunately as we age, we gradually lose tha ability to produce this vital compound effectively.

FAQs related to Bee Elite Plus

Bee Elite Plus is Bee Elite Essentials’ customer reward program to give exclusive benefits and rewards to our valued, loyal customers.

Yes, it’s absolutely free: just make a customer account and you’re in.

You’ll earn points every time you make a purchase, refer a friend, or write a review on our website.

Once you complete a product subscription purchase, you will automatically become a part of our Bee Elite Plus group. This group gets all the same benefits as the Bee Elite… plus, much more!  See here for more details.

The Bee Elite refers to the community you automatically join when you make a customer account. From there, you’ll earn points for any additional purchases or performing the actions listed above.

The Bee Elite Plus program is our top-tier membership service that you can join by subscribing to a product(s) of your choice. Once you’re a Bee Elite Plus member you’ll receive exclusive discounts, educational resources, and direct access to much, much more. You can read about it here.

Please contact our Customer Support department and they can help you.

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Payment methods that can be used are Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Paypal. We are also providing the options of AfterPay to our customers in select countries.

FAQs related to PRODUCT

No we do not test our products on animals.

Although there are no specific contraindications relating to our products being used throughout your pregnancy, we would always recommend that you seek medical advice before introducing an active skin care product into your current regime. Before use, please consult your healthcare practitioner to ensure that this product is suitable for your individual circumstance and for use during your pregnancy.

Bee Elite Essentials has shown in clinical trials to produce significant results on all skin types. However, should you be allergic to bees, then we advise spot testing on the inside of your palm or elbow prior to use.

Almost every other brand do not use this particular combination of expensive and high-quality active ingredients sourced across the globe. The Bee Venom used in our cream is 100% non-oxidised, unlike the creams of most cheaper brands, is made in Georgia, purified and extracted in ethically sustainable practices which doesn’t harm the bees. Our cream uses a very high concentration of Bee Venom – 100ppm (parts per million), making it one of the most potent Bee Venom creams available. To ensure you have the best product available Bee elite essentials is also manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and undergoes quality testing. 

Bee Elite essentials product range is ideal for all type of skin including sensitive skin. The products in this range are all gentle formulas which are kind to the skin while still delivering the desired results.

As with all skincare, as soon as your oily, acne prone skin days are over, your skin becomes subject to the relentlessness of ageing. Early adoption and prevention is the best way to fight ageing skin. Bee Elite Essentials advises starting a customised skincare regime starting in your early twenties.

Used daily as a part of skincare regime, a 50 gm jar of Bee Elite Essentials can last for 1 month.

Used sparingly, a 50 gm jar of Bee Elite Essentials can last between 3-4 months.

Ageless Bee Venom face cream is the perfect day and night cream, applicable underneath your makeup and applied liberally as a night-time mask too. Because we don’t use highly unstable or reactive ingredients, you can use Bee Elite essentials ageless series products multiple times per day without adverse reactions.

Due to the concentration of antibacterial properties in our 24+ Manuka honey, Tocopherol acetate & Manuka oil, Bee Elite essentials ageless series products can work wonders for acne prone skin.

Bee Elite Essentials offers a complete skincare routine that can be used from morning till night. Remember to clean your face with the Ageless White Willow Bark Face Cleanser before you applying any other Ageless products.

For mornings, hydrate and protect your skin with Ageless Bee Venom Face Cream. Rejuvenate and re-energize in the evenings with the Ageless Bee Venom Face Mask. And at night, boost your skin repair with the Ageless Bee Venom Face Serum to make your skin bright, youthful and well-rested.

Three Next generation Peptides:

  1. Argireline – A hexapeptide is an alternative to Botulium Toxin, topically targeting the  expression wrinkles. It inhibits glutamate release and reduces the wrinkle depth of 17-20% within two weeks which is a clear indicator of the potent anti-expression wrinkle activity of this hexapeptide.   
  2. Reproage- This peptide induces cell programming in the epidermal basal layer to make it self-renewing ability last longer. It improves the appearance of aging signs to boost radiance, youthfulness of skin complexion and reduces the skin roughness upto 40% within four weeks.
  3. Relistate: A Tetrapeptide that inhibits elastate activity and stimulates type 1 collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity and tightness. It has been designed to treat sagginess and unfirmness in mature skin. It improves overall skin elasticity of around 14% and increases skin tightness within 8 weeks.

Next-generation Peptides help to provide additional support to the protein fibers in our skin by mending them and making them strong again. The next-generation peptides that we have used to create Bee Elite Essentials are powerful to give you smoother skin in just the span of 7-14 days.

The Vitamin C found naturally is an unstable compound which is impenetrable in your skin layers and prone to the process of oxidation. This makes it an unlikely choice for creating an anti-aging product, but the positives that Vitamin C offers us are just too good to not use.

This made us come up with the solution of next-generation Vitamin C derivative. It is as effective as pure Vitamin C, but more stable and penetrable so that it can give its benefit to the deeper layers of your skin and make it bright and healthy from within.

Organic rosehip seed oil is a rich carrier of all-trans retinoic acid which increases vitamin A which is crucial for cell production and growth. It also contains a high amount of tretinoin which is a powerful compound that can restore scarred and depleted tissues healing your skin.

With Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), rosehip seed oil is also great for skin moisturization and protection for environment stressors.