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Best Products that prevent or avoid Maskne (Mask Acne)


In the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, we have been introduced to a new set of guidance and rules which are being said to be the new normal. But these have introduced a new set of challenges for everyone. Here we will be discussing one of them – Maskne.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons for Maskne and the ways to prevent it.

What is Maskne?

It is a grim reality that we find ourselves reaching for the masks, thanks to the coronavirus.
The regular and prolonged use of masks however, can have an unfortunate side effect – Mask-induced acne or in short, Maskne.

In fact, this was what Maryanne, one of my neighbors and a nurse at Holy Cross in Silver Springs, MD had to say.
“It is real. Working in health care has always been hectic and busy. I have to wear masks for over 10 hours which has caused acne to flare up. I thought I had left it behind, only for the CoVid19 to bring it all back.”

The virus has led to a lot of problems in every aspect of our lives. But for Maryanne and many others who are at the frontlines of people, it has been a double whammy. They are fighting hard to contain and beat back the virus. They need to protect themselves from the virus so they can do their tasks without getting ill. But the same makes their skin vulnerable to Maskne.
But what exactly are the reasons behind Maskne? Let’s do deeper.

Exploring the Real Problem behind Maskne

At Bee Elite Essentials, we asked different experts on the true reasons for the maskne. What we found out was really an eye opener. Based on that, we have identified three reasons for the rise of the Maskne. These are:

  • The masks - issues and problems: The present generation of masks came into existence in the 1960s as a disposable mask, for a single time use. This made it easier for health authorities and personnel, who needed to reuse cloth based masks. These masks - commonly known as surgical masks, are not meant to be worn for prolonged and repeatable usage. These are meant only to keep the environment sterile & prevent contamination from the droplets(little moist particles) by the wearer. The fact that it also protects is a side feature and not the main purpose of the mask. The current pandemic has however, thrown all procedures out of the window because of the immense mismatch in demand and supply. Masks and other protection items are being reused leaving the person wearing them exposed to a host of skin problems.
  • Skin physiology : Our skin has a remarkable ability to block the polluted particles, bacteria and other skin stressors. While we are habitual about using different skin care products to remedy the issues, they all involve leaving the skin open to breathe. However, wearing the skin robs the skin to breathe naturally. Also parts of the mask, including the fabric and the edges are in constant contact with the skin. This constant contact and friction with the skin, coupled with the loss of ability of skin to breathe causes irritation of the skin. Further the nose and the mouth introduce moisture in such close confines, and introduce a humid environment - the perfect place for breeding of bacteria. This becomes the starting point for acne.
  • High Stress levels : This pandemic has created big changes in our lives, and not for the better. The need to practice social distancing between friends, family members and even partners, has led to rise in stress. This in turn, has increased the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. The increase of this hormone leads to overproduction of sebum in our skin. This excess of sebum then mixes with the dead skin cells and bacteria, causing acne.

So, does that mean Maskne is inevitable for most of us? Maybe. Is there a Solution? Definitely.

Preventing and Avoiding Maskne

Maskne can be a problem but it is not unbeatable. Just like any other acne, maskne can be addressed if we take certain care everyday, such as:

  1. Go for balanced cleansing : This is the time to be proactive about cleansing, but not overdoing things. Over-cleansing can strip your skin of the natural oils which sustains the natural skin barrier. This then can increase chances of clogged pores, redness and dry skin, which then would make your skin vulnerable.
    It is better to go for a gentle, non-soap cleanser such as Bee Elite Essentials White willow bark Cleanser that is effective due to its balanced mix of Alpha and Beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) that will help you removing dead skin and grim effectively without leaching off the skin sebum completely.
  2. Supplementing and Fortifying protection barrier: We have a tendency to skip things when we are under stress or in a hurry. But good moisturization is one thing that cannot be neglected. When we hydrate our skin it helps in maintaining an effective skin barrier while making sure to mitigate the effects of wearing masks all day long.Bee Elite Essentials Bee Venom Face Cream has powerful ingredients like Certified UMF24+ Manuka honey, Himalayan natural Bee Wax, Shea butter, Aloe vera, Coffee Honey and over 20 ingredients that can restore, supplement and fortify the skin barrier.
  3. Remembering to Rejuvenate Skin: Just because we have a long day does not mean that we forget to rejuvenate skin. The time we are in bed is the time when our skin recuperates and rejuvenates, which becomes all the more important as we have to keep our face covered with masks when we are outside, whether at work, or doing chores.Bee Elite Essentials Bee Venom Face Serum has the right mix of nature inspired ingredients which not only helps to balance skin pH, and revitalizes your skin but also helps in restoring the skin elasticity. The balanced mix of oils and natural extracts also help in easy absorption and restore hydration.

Proactive Self Care: Post Covid19 & Beyond

This pandemic has bought up some sobering truths that we need to accept. Some of these are:

  1. Proactive when choosing skincare: The days of choosing the same skin care products as always are long gone. Just picking up the same products and hoping it gives a different result, won’t cut it anymore. We can say that where skin well being is concerned, being Ignorant is not an option. So, we must learn about products and ingredients before committing to buy.
    Committing towards Holistic care: Now is the best time to make the move from cookie cutter, one size fits all approach towards what is best for your skin. Our skin does not exist in isolation but in a system where it is influenced by different factors, internal as well as external. Only when these factors are balanced, we can achieve better results.
  2. Improving our dietary habits & Lifestyle: Our quality of life depends on a lot of factors but amongst the main ones are our eating habits and lifestyle. Healthy, balanced meals which provide nutrition & nourishment are vital for the body and skin. Also, it is equally important to have good lifestyle habits. People with stationary/ sedentary habits need to be more physically active and mobile. This also includes steps like meditation, face yoga and face massage. Small changes in lifestyle can go a long way towards a better skin.
  3. Personal Hygiene: It is a personal responsibility of every one to follow the guidelines set by the health authorities. The masks worn should be clean and dry as moisture in the mask makes it pretty much useless and a ground for breeding of bacteria that cause acne and other skin problems. Avoid scratching and touching the face and make sure that your hands are sanitised. If you are wearing glasses, make sure the lenses, the bridge and the frames are clean.

To Sum Up

We can say that :

  1. Maskne is a problem which needs our attention. Maskne can cause acne flare ups and other skin issues in areas around the face, lower jaws, nose and cheeks.
  2. The real reasons behind maskne can be:
    1. The masks itself
    2. Skin physiology
    3. Stress
  3. Maskne can be prevented by:
    1. Using a Balanced Cleanser
    2. Supplementing and Fortifying Skin barrier + Hydration
    3. Steps towards Skin Rejuvenation
  4. Going forward the best way is to:
    1. Be proactive when choosing skincare
    2. Focus on holistic skincare
    3. Better dietary habits and improvement in Lifestyle
    4. Be Responsible about Personal Hygiene


Living Free is indeed a cherished goal but some degree of measured precaution will go a long way towards a better skin.

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